Staunton Crossing is a property with a difference.

It offers a special chance for companies seeking a site that offers ideal conditions for expansion and prosperity. Boasting a strategic placement and easy access to crucial utilities, Staunton Crossing aims to become the leading destination for businesses seeking to establish themselves in the area.

Site Facts

This development brings together accessibility, ease of use, and the necessary resources for constructing and running a top-notch facility.

Staunton Crossing represents a one-of-a-kind chance for businesses seeking a location that offers a solid foundation for success and expansion. Its ideal positioning and readily available utilities position it as the go-to destination for companies looking to make a mark in the region.

Staunton Crossing is the only publicly-owned site with 275 contiguous acres along the I-81 corridor at the intersection with I-64. This property offers over a mile of premium frontage on I-81.

At the U.S. 250 entrance to the site, two hotels and retail establishments have been developed and are currently in operation.

A Master Plan established a vision that can potentially produce 1.9 million square feet of economic development and support over 3,000 quality jobs in Staunton Crossing.

The Virginia Economic Development Partnership Authority (VEDP) awarded the City a Virginia Brownfields matching grant to facilitate the redevelopment of the site by undertaking remediation activities with the demolition of the 19 dilapidated structures, the abatement of hazardous materials, the removal and disposal of 18 above ground and underground storage tanks, and the salvage of equipment and building materials.

In early 2017, Timmons Group confirmed the Staunton Crossing property as a Tier 2 Certified Site in accordance with the Virginia Business Ready Sites Program Standards, and identified the necessary scope to move the site to Tier 4. The City has received funding to complete required due diligence reports, and engineering and construction design plans for water and wastewater system to serve the site.

Excellent rail freight service will be available to companies locating in Staunton Crossing. The Buckingham Branch Railroad rail line adjoins the Staunton Crossing property along the southwest boundary of the site.

Ideally positioned to attract companies in the light manufacturing, food processing, agriculture, logistics, professional services or data center industries.

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Fiber, natural gas, and electric service cross and directly serving the site.

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Nestled in the dynamic I-81 corridor in western Virginia, Staunton Crossing provides companies with the perfect balance of convenience and advantageous location. Strategically placed at the junction of Interstates 81 and 64, our development offers seamless access to major transportation routes, ensuring smooth transportation of goods in and out of the site.


This property boasts over a mile of premium frontage on I-81, off Exit 222. U.S. Route 250, a divided four lane highway, forms the southern boundary of the property and Interstate 64 is just a quarter of mile to the south. The site features outstanding highway service for vehicle commuters and truck freight service.

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Proximity to Ports

The site is located 87 miles south of the Virginia Inland Port via I-81 and 192 miles from the Port of Virginia via I-64, making it an ideal location for light manufacturing, food processing, logistics, data center or office usage.

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The site features diverse surface topography, ranging from a pre-graded pad area in excess of 100 acres that can support a new building of more than 1,000,000 square feet, to rolling terrain that
would be ideal for a variation of uses.

The diverse topography, together with two existing access points and a third planned entrance, is well suited to the subdivision of the site and development of a mix of uses, providing for a coordinated approach for unique appearances and amenities.

Operating Costs

The City of Staunton boasts low operating costs for businesses, with a competitive business license tax rate. Professional services companies are charged $0.40 per $100.00 of gross receipts, while other businesses pay just $0.36 per $100 of gross receipts.

The City of Staunton also levies a tax on tangible personal property employed in a trade or business, including furniture, fixtures, equipment, machinery, tools, etc.

These low costs provide businesses with more flexibility to invest in growth and expansion, as well as improved profitability. Additionally, the City’s favorable business tax climate is a key factor in attracting and retaining a variety of businesses, making it an attractive location for companies looking to minimize their operating expenses.

For more information, please visit the City’s website to learn more about business licenses and taxes.

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