Target Industries for Staunton Crossing

Suitable for light manufacturing, medical, food, office operations, data centers, and logistics.

Historically, the Shenandoah Valley has excelled in attracting projects in the manufacturing and food/agricultural sectors, outpacing rival regions in both industries. Located at the intersection of Interstate 81 and Interstate 64, Staunton Crossing will become a prime location for many types of businesses looking to develop a new facility.

The City of Staunton Economic Development department has identified the following target industries for the site:

Light Manufacturing

Staunton Crossing is poised to attract companies in the light manufacturing industry, thanks to its strong transportation network, available workforce, and proximity to major markets on the East Coast and Midwest. The area has a proven track record of attracting and supporting successful manufacturing operations, and the presence of rail further enhances its competitiveness for this type of business.

Staunton Crossing is a prime location for light manufacturing companies offering access to natural gas, water, sewer and electrical utilities on site, as well as quick access to the Virginia Inland Port (located 88.0 miles to the north via Interstate 81) and the Port of Virginia (located 185.6 miles to the southeast via Interstate 64). These ports provide efficient access to imported raw materials and exports, making it an ideal location for light manufacturing businesses. This location offers essential resources and transportation connections that make it an attractive location for businesses to grow and succeed.

Logistics & Transportation

The site’s location at the crossroads of I-64 and I-81 makes it ideal for the distribution and logistics industry. Its easy access to the East Coast and Midwest is a crucial factor for this sector.

Staunton Crossing is an ideal location for logistics companies and distribution centers due to its unparalleled access to both the Virginia Inland Port and the Port of Virginia. This strategic positioning allows for efficient and effective logistics, enabling companies to quickly and easily transport goods to their desired destination.

With the Port of Virginia directly down Interstate 64 to the east, Staunton Crossing provides a direct connection to shipping possibilities. A distribution center at Staunton Crossing can take advantage of the state-of-the-art infrastructure, making it easy to move goods by rail, truck, or vessel. This combination of accessibility and connectivity makes Staunton Crossing an attractive location for logistics companies looking to streamline their supply chain and reach new markets.

Food, Beverage & Agricultural

Staunton Crossing presents a prime location for food and beverage processing companies seeking a site that provides both convenience and the necessary resources for production.

With fiber, natural gas, and electric services available on the site, companies will have access to the infrastructure they need to operate efficiently. The proposed future rail spur serviced by Buckingham Branch Railroad offers added transportation options, ensuring that goods can be transported with ease.

Additionally, the development’s close proximity to major highways, such as Interstates 81 and 64, offers efficient access to both raw materials and markets.

With its ideal blend of accessibility, resources, and transportation options, Staunton Crossing is the perfect choice for companies looking to grow in the food and beverage processing industry.

Professional Services

Staunton Crossing offers professional services businesses the perfect combination of accessibility and resources for growth. Situated at the intersection of Interstates 81 and 64, the development provides easy access to regional metro markets, making it an ideal location for businesses looking to expand their reach.

The nearby Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport (17.3 miles away) and Washington-Dulles International airport (142.1 miles away) offer air travel options for both employees and customers. On-site fiber internet availability provides fast and reliable internet access, and the surrounding area offers a skilled and available workforce, making Staunton Crossing the perfect choice for businesses looking to succeed in the region.

Lower costs of doing business, improved IT infrastructure, and space requirements are driving factors for choosing a location like Staunton, Virginia.

Offering ease of access, reliable infrastructure and the availability of a skilled workforce, the site provides an exceptional opportunity for professional service operations such as medical and related support services.

Data Centers & IT

Stanton Crossing is a prime location for data centers due to its low risk of natural disasters. The area is not prone to earthquakes, hurricanes, or severe weather events, which can disrupt data center operations. This provides peace of mind to organizations that rely on the secure and continuous operation of their data centers.

Another advantage of Stanton Crossing is the availability of low-cost and reliable electrical service by Dominion Energy. This ensures that data centers have a steady and cost-effective supply of power, which is critical to their operations. Additionally, Dominion Energy is known for its reliability and consistency, which means that data centers can count on a steady and uninterrupted flow of power. Electrical utilities are already on site, with a current available electric capacity of 4.2 MW.

State-of-the-art fiber internet infrastructure is available on site. Equipped with top-tier providers like Comcast Business Services, including Level (3) Communications, Segra, MGW, Lingo Networks, GloFiber Business, and Verizon, this site offers unparalleled connectivity.

Access to a skilled and talented IT workforce is also an important factor in choosing a location for a data center. The area has a large pool of highly educated and experienced IT professionals, making it easier for data center operators to find the talent they need to manage and maintain their facilities.

Major data center developers are openly discussing their needs and desires to expand into areas outside of regions like Northern Virginia. State and local governments are redefining incentives to make these moves a possibility.

Industries that utilize rail transportation

Stanton Crossing is a strategic location for companies that require access to rail transportation. Access to rail service makes Stanton Crossing a unique site among its competitors. Rail access directly to the site being achievable without difficulty.

The site is one of the flattest sites available with 100+ acres and rail access. The site would be served by the Buckingham Branch Railroad which has service available with both CSX and Norfolk Southern. Buckingham Branch Railroad supports the construction of a rail spur adjacent to the site.

In addition, Stanton Crossing is located near several major interstate highways. It’s location at the intersection of Interstate 81 (north/south) and Interstate 64 (east/west) provides quick and convenient access to markets throughout the eastern United States, as well as easy access to the Virginia Inland Port and Port of Virginia. This is ideal for companies that need to move goods and products quickly and efficiently, or for organizations that rely on just-in-time delivery from suppliers.

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